Diva in the Making

Diva in the Making

In 2009, current Upstage President, Christina Kokonis-Viggers graced Upstage fans with her vocals in her first Upstage Cabaret titled A Disney Experience. Since then Christina (aka Stina) has appeared in several Upstage productions including Bye, Bye, Birdie, Nunsense, and Legally Blonde, as well as numerous cabarets. Her talents and spirit aren’t limited to the on-stage appearances though – her presence is key at every Upstage production where, if not on stage, she can be found either directing, mentoring, or as a hard-working member of the tech crew.

Stina’s powerful, emotion-filled vocals were somewhat of a well-kept secret among Upstage fans until October 20, 2017, when her life changed following a random encounter with a karaoke machine at a Sam’s Club store, that her best friend captured on cell-phone video. That video went viral and within a few weeks, Stina was being sought after for radio, news, and television appearances. We at Upstage are extremely proud of Stina as an outstanding talent as well as the kind, funny, caring, sharing, supportive individual that she is.

The viral video that kicked off this epic ride:

You can follow Stina’s adventure via social media:
@Makinadiva13 (Facebook)
@diva_in_the_making13 (Instagram)

Photo credit: JD Urban